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Im trying to get past the intro but I need the correct driver. The book says to let it auto search but the troubleshooter says something way different.
   The book and site say to install the ftdi v com driver but the drivers that came with the program has the ftdi and the old driver. Which one is it!?!?!
And when i try to install them i have to do a lot of things blablablabla and the driver i need dose not have a security certificate (win10 is an ass sometimes) I searched through everything and i lm getting really pissed. if u have a certificate pls send me it.

Specs: win 10

Board: arduino uno r3 from 201 starter kit osepp
Latest arduino version
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Im getting bored of typing so heres some pics and maybe a vid. Thx



I have found that the first time whenever an Uno is connected its labled as a usb port or something. But when i first connected it was labled as: ft232r usb uart. My Uno might be fault. Pls halp this is really frustrating


Uno R3 doesn't use FTDI chip.
What is the small chip near the USB connector labeled?
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eftdi 1517-C 03573601 ft232rl
Book:ftdi usb to rs232 chip


I did it!!!!!!

I went into the Arduino files, and ran the dlist_amd64 exe then all the drivers were fixed. The first time I ran it one of the packages didn't load correctly. The old 201 kits should be recalled for improper  manual instructions. Now i just hope i can cram a program that will play mp3s and connect to my Christmas lights


The old 201 kits should be recalled for improper  manual instructions.
Well, talk to OSEPP.  They're not an official Arduino distributor, and the board you're talking about is not actually an "Arduino."  It's more-or-less a clone of the Arduino board that came before the Arduino Uno (The Duemilanove), so you'd probably have better luck using an OS and IDE version from the same timeframe (~2010.)  (although, getting it to work with the current IDE and current OSes is a much better "non-lucky" solution.)
(Hmm.  It looks like they have a newer "Uno R4+" that is closer to an actual Uno in design.)

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