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I have recovered the lcd screen below from an old non working I2GO EGO mp3 player, but i am struggling to find the data-sheet for it.
the screen is manufactured by a US company called three Five systems INC that filed a chapter 11 a few years ago.
I have found sites with many of their screens, but not this particular model.

would be great if somebody can help.



So i read that this screen uses a proprietary lcd technology called LCiD (i for intense),i just hope it uses a standard driver.



Well since almost all displays that use the standarddriver Ic has 14 or 16 pins (depending on backlight or not), i think you can safely assume that yours is not standard.

It looks like there are only 4 solderpoints on the display ??

Maybe it is some kind of serial display, but without a datasheet it's going to be really difficult to tell.


the display has 10 pins j1 to j10, i can now power it up using 3v, but as you said, it doesn't look to be a standard screen.

using archive.org, i managed to find a working copy of three-five-system's old website, but they had no datasheets on it.

looks like need to forget about this one

too bad, this screen is really very bright and i had a nice projet in mind for it :)


There will be some info somewhere so keep looking and don't chuck it. Some day you will be able to use it.

People say that the internet holds so much information, shame it never seems to hold that little bit that you need!



if you have the device it came out of hook it back up and probe it


great idea Osgeld, i will try that tonight.


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