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"Yes there is, but there's also tutorials for doing brain surgery in your garage, over-unity power generation, making laser guns, anti-gravity......"

How difficult is it to read a few paragraphs to see if a document is beyond you?
60 seconds?  ;)

A person should be able to put some effort into their own education.

When you don't understand something you can ask for assistance.

No technical PMs.
If you are asked a question, please respond with an answer.
If you are asked for more information, please supply it.
If you need clarification, ask for help.


I've been using the "filetype:pdf" a lot in Google. ☺
But a lot of books seems good and understandable at first, and then many pages in, I think to myself "wtf am I reading?"


Good point, if you are using the signal before and after to drive 2 amps/speakers.

Info on using Op Amps on a single supply voltage:





These are from manufacturers, not from someone's ill-thought-out Instructable.

Again- every unused section MUST be properly connected. Do NOT leave inputs floating. Follow proper procedure.

BTW, you can always invert the signal in software to compensate for an inverting preamp.
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