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Hi everybody,

i,m running linux mint 64bit.
i cannot select in the arduino ide a esp8266 board in the board manager.
And there is no additional option in the >file>preferences> window to add
a external  url for an esp8266 board.

I,ve seen that a microsoft window screen has more options in the board manager then my linux window.

How is that possible and how can i add an esp8266 board in my board library?



You need to use a recent version of the Arduino IDE for Boards Manager(1.6.3 or newer I believe). The Linux package manager has an outdated and non-standard version of the Arduino IDE. For the up to date IDE version please download the Arduino IDE 1.6.13 from http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.


Hi Pert,

Many thanks.
You were absoluty right about my problem.
I thought i installed the dowloaded version from internet.
But it was the old package wich come with linux mint.
I didn,t noticed that because i thought i did it correctly.
Nobody talks about it on the internet...
Never the less,my problem is solved thanx to you.

Thanx again!!

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