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I have and in 1.6.0 and in 1.8.9
empty USB detach function in USBCore.cpp


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Tested a few complex programs using serial, i2c and spi for the ATmega328P and  ATmega1284P.  No problems, so far.


hi i had 1.8.5 and tryied to update with 1.5.9. i have uninstal 1.8.5 but when i m trying to install the new it keeps saying that the old is not uninstal.can anyone help?i search all the hard drive but theres nothing of the old arduino.ty for your time


i have uninstal 1.8.5
Did you do a real uninstallation, or did you just delete it?


i delete it .the uninstall didnt work.


i delete it .the uninstall didnt work.
Restore the deleted IDE 1.8.5 and then try installing 1.8.9 again.


By "restore", I mean restore it from the recycle bin.



You can change it by editing preferences.txt if you want

In 1.8.5 it is set to
Code: [Select]
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For better support on Ubunt and Debian, please help out with this package update issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/arduino/+bug/1425677


Hi I am try to instal the IDE 1.8.9 in my windows 7 but when I execute the IDE I get this messaje:
Java TM Plataform SE binari stoped to work. Some body know how can I fix this problem.
I have Windows 7 ultimate 32bit with service pack 1 with 4gb of ram and Intel Atom 1.86.


I use ide 1.8.9, but have problems, sometimes. Often I have to run the compile twice or more to get the compile to complete, same with uploads. I have w10. It tends to be better if there is only the one 'sketch' open. I find that the ide does not always exit cleanly, nor close down its various subprograms correctly. Currently there are 19 instances of arduino-builder, many more avr-g++, 9 off cc1plus, 2 off ld , and probably others - all exes active tasks! I have now closed the ide, but still the same programs are shown as active. I can kill the tasks, but I think there is something not quite right, either with the ide, my pc, or me...
Any ideas?
Best wishes,


ps, killing the tasks generally lets the compile etc be ok first time, so not a deal breaker.


ARDUINO 1.8.9 2019.03.15

* New target! ARM64 boards are now fully supported (Nvidia Jetson and RaspberryPi3 with 64bit operating system)
* Fix UTF8 related bugs on Windows
* Fixed: can now compile again using OpenJDK (removed dependency on JavaFx)
* Fixed: only use touchBar on OSX 10.12 or higher
* PluggableDiscovery: easily add your own discoverer and make it available in Boards/Port menu (thanks @PaulStoffregen for the idea and the initial implementation)
* LibManager: reduce slowdown when searching
* Fixed: ensure a sketch line is visible when it contains an error and must be highlighted
* Linux: the installer now tries to install a symlink is /usr/local/bin (this doesn't affect usual non-systemwide installation) Thanks @2E0PGS

* Fix firmware upgrade not being available for 3rd party WINC boards

* Use lexicographic distance as last chance to spot the right library (if every other tecnique failed)
* Fix some prototypes being inserted in the middle of a function

I have been trying to get IDE 1.8.9 to work on a Raspberry Pi 3A+ with the latest version of Debian. However it won't instal properly and it won't recognise or open any of the sketches with the package.  Any suggestions?

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