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Thank you David, I'll try!
Although the example comes 'raw'; I'll have to use some RTC to get the time.


You can test the "look and feel" of a clock by using the Arduino internal system timer e.g. millis()

Replace this with an external RTC after you have the display looking like you want.

Explain in English what you want to do.  e.g. clockface in different location, size, colours, or style.

Readers can only help you with coding when they know what you actually want.



Hi all,

Quite new to Arduino. I think I have a NodeMCU ESP8266 board and a mcufrield.com 3.5" display.

If someone can help out with the connections between the two, it will be greatly appreciated. I am assuming the TFT-eSPI is the correct library but without proper connection, I am sure my display won't work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


https://github.com/lualiliu/esp32-gameboy  . Would be nice if we can port this project to make use of TFT_eSPI and thus bigger screens..

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