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Dec 26, 2016, 01:32 pm Last Edit: Dec 26, 2016, 01:33 pm by Nick_Pyner
I pulled my SD out and see that it has about a dozen files with junk names on it.  These were accumulated after two weeks of operation. I think they were all junk and could not be read or erased. The files I wanted were all there and OK.

I had a similar thing before, and about the same number of files, but this was after a year or so of continuous operation. That time, some files were recoverable by renaming them.

If I run Arduino, the junk files are not made straight away, i.e. everything seems normal and, as I said, the files I need are made and are kosher.. 

Does this sound familiar with anybody.


Sounds familiar, but I deal with this problem by cleaning junk files. Check windows registry cleaner tools, maybe you will find the best program for yourself. I used Ccleaner, but it had just been projecting an image of working. Although, there I've found a totally free tool Pointstone, which I still use. At last, I really get rid of junk files and my computer works faster. So, you can read and fing something for yourself. I hope  I helped you.


Thank you. I was talking about files created by and stored on Arduino. I have never solved this, but I think it might be caused by spurious signals. Nobody else seems to know anything.

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