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Hello, I am currently working on a project which includes a pill dispenser that will dispense pills only when a fingerprint is correctly identified. I have the entire mechanism and everything, just looking to higher somebody that is good with the electrical and some programming parts of the project. I will pay, and feel free to contact me with offers, add me on skype at noahwoodward44


Hi woodward4422,

Are you looking for help assembling the project as well?
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Not really, I have the mechanism that I need, all I need is to turn a stepper motor 10 steps once a valid fingerprint is identified. I could use some help with the wiring part of the project itself, but I have the physical product made, just not the arduino side of it.I basically only need guidance with arduino side of the project itself, since I am fairly new with electronics.


Where on the planet are you located?

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We are happy to help you. please send us your project details and what are the thing you need.

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