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Topic: Is there a way to test WS2812B strip per LED? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


in item description of Mean Well APV-35-5 it said this is a power supply for led lighting.
Normally simple lighting is not so critical about voltage. But you are dealing with addressable chips here which is different. I suspect the people writing the copy for the specifications have no idea about the subtleties of electronics.

Move the big capacitor to across the LED strip and add a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor across the strips power terminals as well.


I made just a quick schematic to show wiring, I have no experience in drawing/using proper symbols, so sorry if something there is misleading.

At first I ignored "for LED lighting" part cause it sounded like one of those "MS windows compatible usb cables" sales pitches. But now that I'm learning that 5V != 5V I started mentioning everything :)

that 470uF cap I soldered physically at the begining of the led strip accross gnd and 5v.

Are 0.1uF ceramic caps for decoupling purpose and has to be next to each led?
If so, my led strip comes with surface mounted caps next to each led which I believe are there for exact same purpose.

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