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Hi guys, after a lot of troubleshooting i finally got my DUE running and all my code working.

I'm building a MIDI controller for a guitar processor which has a USB connection and is USB MIDI compliant.

At the moment my DUE shows up on my mac automatically and i can send and receive MIDI data (sysex specifically) using the MIDIUSB library but when I connect it to my guitar processor it's not receiving it's sysex.

I was told that the DUE is supposed to act as a HOST which i thought the MIDIUSB is doing.

Any ideas on this?


If it shows up on your Mac then it's not acting as a host. The Mac is.
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."


I see, any idea on how i would use an arduino as a host? maybe with a shield?


The libraries for the Teensy series of Arduinos are much more complete. I would start there, if I was attempting this project.
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."


Hello nero roxxx

I hope that you are still watching this post!
I was interested to know how you were receiving MIDI Sysex or Sysex Raw messages via you Due. I hav tried the MidiUSB Library and cannot see a way of getting Sysex messages.
Are you willing to share your ideas?


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