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I purchased the starter kit.

1.  The font size of the book is too small.  The breadboard is also too small for me to read but I can live with that.

2.  We need a PDF of the book.  People who copy will always copy.  Many people are decent and will buy the kit.  In fact, most people who are buying a kit, don't know much and aren't the type to go looking for a free way to assemble a kit.  ==> If you can put together a kit, you don't need the kit.  <==

3.  The resistor band diagram should be a separate laminated card.  I don't want to have to open a book and go to a specific page to see this.

4.  They didn't include enough red and black jumper cables.

5.  They should put each type of part in a plastic bag and staple it to a card that explains what it is.  e.g.  Resistors in a plastic bag stapled to a card that says: "Resistors x ohm - reduces current, blah blah" or "LEDs - light emitting diodes.", etc...


Agreed! I'm having a lot of trouble with it. Also the page introducing the project has a list of what you need...but not how many! Since it's usually on a separate page from the diagram, which doesn't have any identification of the parts, I have to keep flipping back and forth: [Diagram] Okay so here I need a... [flip back] 220 ohm resistor... [flip back to the diagram] and I need three of them.

It's little things, sure, but it's one more stumbling block for beginners on a starter kit! Starter kits need to be idiot-proof.

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