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I hope someone can help me here. I have one simple program which compiles successfully on Arduino IDE 1.6.9.

When upgrading to later ones, for example 1.6.12 or 1.8.0, the code does not compile (or link?) properly anymore.

I get many "undefined reference to" error messages. For example:

C:\Users\KishiNote\Documents\Arduino\read_analog_example/read_analog_example.ino:9: undefined reference to `ADCmgr_init()'

The code is composed by a "ino" file, and then a separate "cpp" and "h" files.
It seems that the compiling process works properly, but then the linking process has issues. The functions called into the "ino" sketch file cannot be found.

The code is fully available here:

It does not use any complex library. I am so curious why this sketch compiles and links properly in old Arduino IDE, but not in the latest ones?

Ah, I forgot to say that the target is Arduino Nano (Atmel ATmega328p). Trying to compile the sketch for Arduino UNO gives the same errors.

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