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Topic: SIM800L GPRS GSM ( ROHS ) restarts every 10 seconds  (Read 9905 times) previous topic - next topic


Adding 1000uF 6.3v Aluminium Electrolytic capacitor causes sparks when I connect the DC power supply. How can I solve this issue? I guess the sparks destroyed the SIM800L.


Jul 21, 2019, 01:54 pm Last Edit: Jul 22, 2019, 08:33 am by pluciorx
I'm having exactly the same issue as described above with sim800L red module.
Attached is the schematics.
I have tried few modules and always the same result.
10-12 blinks and module resets itself

AT communication works fine.

LM is set to provide 4.2V and after diode i have 3.7V

I am using 5A power supply.
i have tried adding 2x470uF caps before modules but still no change.


After fiddling around i found that sim800's are very sensitive to the cable quality on power line.
So i replaced vcc and gnd connection cables on breadboard with good quality cable from power supply, suddenly all my problems are gone and sim800 works just fine and as expected.

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