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anyone can suggest how to create / buy some servo horn for 28BYJ-48 engine to connect items to it ?
I've tried to sandwitch the engine pin with 2 metal bars with bolts but its still not stable .



What is the diameter of the shaft?

I have successfully used the brass inserts from large chocolate-block connectors for connections on some motor shafts.

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Do you mean THESE MOTORS?

I would really like to find attachments for these!

  • Servo horn
  • And especially Wheels to make small robots...

Anyone seen these?? Thanks!

And what are these??
large chocolate-block connectors
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The shaft on my version of the 28BJY motor is 5 mm in diameter, which is standard.

You need two setscrews, one on each side of a 5 mm bore gear to engage the flats.


thanks everyone for your feedbacks !

Robin2 : the chocolate-block connectors .. really cool . I'll try..   https://goo.gl/images/OSvuJI
terryking228 : yes , this motor .
jremington : im not sure i got your idea .. can u detail little bit ?



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Below is a picture of a pinion gear with a single set screw.
Imagine a second set screw on the opposite side of the shaft.

Instead of a servo horn or arm, consider using a hub, like this one (you would need a 5 mm bore).



And of course there is thingiverse...
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