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Jan 12, 2017, 04:41 am Last Edit: Jan 12, 2017, 05:26 am by suziosaurus
Hi, :o

While I was checking with sd card connection,
the error message was shown like below:

Initializing SD card...Wiring is correct and a card is present.

Card type: SDHC
Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition.
Make sure you've formatted the card

How can i fix the problem?
I've just bought micro sd card (samsung microSDXC) so i don't think it's a problem of old version..

Thanks for any help!


Which version of the SD library are you using(can be checked at Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries...)? There is an issue with 1.1.0 but 1.1.1 should fix it.


Hi @suziosaurus,

Check below hyperlink. Similar problem was identified before.


I just followed  suggestion from @oric_dan to use SdFat library from github, and it works.

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