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    Hi there

   I've got an mcufriend 2.4 TFT and I've managed to get the library to compile to my teensy 3.6 but I cannot find how to wire the two together. I've looked and looked and even asked on the MCU friend thread but for some reason it gets quiet after I start posting questions.

  Any help or links would be much appreciated.
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The main reason is the library, anybody has ported this library for teensy.

If you want a TFT, maybe you can try to get an ILI9341 SPI, FT80X or FT81X

Hardware: Teensy 3.6 + Riverdi FT813 (5", 800x480 px) + GD3 library + Riverdi breakout-20


Either buy a SparkFun Teensy Adapter or make one yourself.

Look at how neat and robust TFTLCDCyg's solution is.

You can buy the green ProtoShield from Ebay.   Or just standard plated-through ProtoBoards.
Solder headers to mate with your Display Shield and to mate with your Teensy.
Solder all the interconnecting wiring on the underneath of the Proto pcb.
Put some sticky rubber pads on the bottom.   Or some standoff pillars.

Personally,   I prefer to buy a processor board that has Arduino headers in the first place.   e.g. FRDM,  NUCLEO, Wemos D1, ...
Then I can just plug in the regular Display shield and no soldering is involved.

Confession time.   I do not have the Sparkfun Teensy Adapter.
I just made my own with ProtoBoard.   It has sockets for LPC1768 MBED and Teensy.
I have another one for using Arduino Shields with an Xmega.

But in my opinion,  the NUCLEO design is the best of all.   It can receive shields and you still have access to al the STM32 pins on the male headers.   Only needs one USB cable and comes with full SWD debugging.



Question for the OP: There are dozens of MCUfriend boards. Are you referring to a 2.4" SPI interface board or one of the parallel interface units for the Uno or Mega? If it is a parallel version, you'll need level shifters since Teensy 3.6 is 3.3 volt i/o only.

Best would be to post a photo of the non-lcd side of the board. Once we know which board you have, we should be able to point you in the right direction for connections.


The Mcufriend Shields are all capable of using 3.3V or 5V logic.
The Uno Shields (MCUFRIEND_kbv library) work on Due, Zero, NUCLEO, FRDM, ...

The (write / read) Uno shields have '245 buffer chips. 
The (write-only) Mega shields have series resistors.

IF he was using the popular 3.3V ILI9341 SPI modules,  they connect directly to a 3.3V Teensy.
IF he was using the popular 3.3V ILI9341 SPI modules with a Uno,  he needs 5V to 3.3V level shifting.

I know that the OP is using Mcufriend Shields.   So that is not relevant.


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