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Jan 21, 2017, 03:19 am Last Edit: Jan 25, 2017, 05:32 am by Fensu
Up till project 4 everything made perfect sense, and then like a lot of people (from what I've read) I was blind sided by the 'voltage divider'. After a fair amount of reading, I think I'm starting to understand what it does, but one question has been nagging me.

why does the photo resister in project 4 require a voltage divider and not the temperature sensor in project 3? From my limited understanding, the analog input measures the voltage change of the circuit that each sensor is on.

My only thought is that the photo resister is in series and since we have 5v input it can only change the current by means its variable resistance. While the temperature sensor is in parallel by means of the extra wire that comes out which allows it to vary the voltage on that line only while maintaining 5v to ground.

Is this correct of have I gone down a rabbit hole?

to answer my own question, the tmpsensor is basically a potentiometer which acts as a variable voltage divider while the photoresistor is a variable resister which needs as voltage divider in order to determine the voltage on the wire.

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