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I want to send data (a number between 0 to 1023) to a digital potentiometer that is connected to an Arduino. Can this digital potentiometer in turn send the received data (a number between 0 to 1023) to the Arduino's Analog - pin(s) so that the Arduino thinks it receives data from an analog potentiometer and not from a digital potentiometer?

Please have a look at the image link below for more clarification. The yellow coloured pressure sensor is the starting point of all this: it sends out a number between 0 to 1023, depending on how strong you press the sensor. The transmitter Arduino sends the sensed data to the receiver Arduino and should be fetched by the digital potentiometer. I want the receiver Arduino to receive the numbers produced by the pressure sensor.



it sends out a number between 0 to 1023
No it doesn't.  It send out a voltage between 0 and 5V.  You read that with analogRead and that returns a value between 0 and 1023. 

You can make your digital pot put out a voltage between 0 and 5V and another Arduino could read that voltage.  Although there is a really really good chance that the number that you read from analogRead on the other Arduino is going to be off by one or two from the number that was read on the first Arduino. 

From your description it sounds like you want to communicate the reading from one Arduino to the other.  There are much better ways of doing that.  But from the picture you drew it doesn't look like that.  From the picture it looks like one is communicating to the other over WIFI and the receiver is just setting the digital pot.  So I'm not entirely sure what exactly you want to accomplish.

Maybe if you described what you wanted to accomplish instead of how you think you should go about it we could find you a good idea. 
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No way.

A digital potentiometer is NOT an input device.

It works only one way - output only.

If your questions are not precise, nobody can help you.

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