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Hi guys, I have an idea for doing dueling tree based on IR communication. Let me explain.

I have 1 arduino with IR led and button that will represent gun. On another side I have IR receiver that catches IR signal of that gun and performs some action. This part I already have and is working great.

I would like to have IR receivers in dueling tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z59iKEH5D3I
So to turn each target I need one motor. I would like to have 4-5 targets on each side so that means 8-10 motors.
On each motor I would like to have a small bar (material still deciding, maybe plastic, maybe wood) and at the end IR receiver (basically 2, one in each direction, because bar will turn from one side to another).
When hit is registered, motor will turn to another side (so it only needs 180 degrees angle).
Turning time should be around 0.5s (I think that is optimal).
Now it comes to hard part (for me :) ), deciding what kind of motors to buy. Let me explain that I don't have any experience with motors.
I am deciding between:
* servos (I think they are to slow, at least I didn't find any fast ones and some have only 120 degree angle),
* steppers (they are quite expensive, at least those that I found, cheap ones are not strong/fast enough),
* DC motors (I'm currently leaning toward these (N20))

It would be perfect if I could use only one power source for everything.

Now my questions are:
* which motors would be best for such usage, also what do you think how much Volts should each motor have?
* I would need some H bridge or mosfet ( I read that mosfets use less power but I guess with H bridge I can control speed and direction (I was looking into something like L298N))
* How much voltage would I need to power everything combined?
* And one not so important question, how do you mount something on DC motor pin? I found some universal adapter but that thing is expensive, if I have to buy 10 of those. :o

If you have any questions or suggestions about anything, please let me know.


No ideas? Come on guys, give me something. :)
At least let me know if these N20 motor would be suitable for such usage. And if I should use L298N H bridge with them.

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