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We formed a small team of 3 (one dancer, one designer, and one software engineer) and started tinkering. I'm a designer. I design most of our costumes, they have to be durable, flexible and beautiful. We have seen a lot of LED costumes before while during the performance but there's all one problem we can't control the lights perfectly. I always realized that I should make another pattern rather than this one. And we can't change the patterns as we like because it cost very long time to write the code...
So we have DIYed a luminous LED dance clothing controlled by a simple APP. LED pattern change controlled to the moves and gestures. Dancers can design their own patterns with no code soon! Good news! Both for male and female. It really does a good job. Now I can designer any patterns I want and I will see the effects at once!

We need your support to bring RI to every designer and dancer like us!
If You have any suggestions or recommendations about the project, please contact us here.  

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