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Topic: RFM69CW 915 Mhz I/F to La Crosse Weather Station (Read 651 times) previous topic - next topic


I found a 2017 thread on this, but thought it best to see if anyone has been successful with this and hopefully get some status. I would love to read anything available (Fr De Es En are fine). Ideally, open source software with hardware I can buy from Amazon would be ideal.

I ordered the RFM69CW 915Mhz 13dBm Wireless Communication RF Transceiver 14Pins For HopeRF for $3.62 with Free Shipping, but I won't be getting that for another month. Since I am just exploring this, I didn't want to spend too much and if it works out, I can buy more from this source for the price or others if I need it yesterday.

I noticed Hackaday reader [equinoxefr] has done a lot in this area, but I didn't want to do serial communications stuff. I.e., ASYNC via 2.4GHz modems doesn't really work for me. I want a Wi-Fi controller to process the signal to spoof the protocol so I can monitor and control everything. Since I live in a very poor cellular reception area, I would like to be able to minimize the ambient RF noise and inspect existing noise so I can get rid of them or mitigate them, in as much as one might be able to.


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