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Hallo , i am new in the forum , i try this day to use together in the arduino uno an rfid module and a sd card module but i cant.

pin 13 - in SCK on both the RFID and SD pin
pin 12 - in MISO on both the RFID and SD pin
pin 11 - in MOSI on both the RFID and SD pin
pin 10 - in CS on the RFID pin
pin 9 - in RESET on the RFID pin
pin 8 - in CS on the SD

but is not read the sd card if disconnect the sd card work the rfid and if disconnect the rfid the sd card work.


What are you using for power to the SD card and the RFID? The 3.3v from the Arduino, or something else?
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I use 3.3 volt from arduino for RFID module and for sd module the 5 volt from arduino

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