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I have a UNO with a Adafruit Ultimate GPS+logning shield, i Got the code running, but now i have one problem.

I like to log tha data to a SD card, and not on the built in micro SD card, sine i Got a wifi SD card


So i Can read the data without remowing the card from the application.

So how do i get the possibility to use a SD card in my setup ?

Best regards Andy

PS: i am not the Big Arduino programmer and eletronic guy, this is my only project, so please explain so i understand it ;)


At most, I think you need no more than a standard $2 SD card holder connected to a different CS pin, and your programme altered to indicate that pin. If your current SD is selected by jumpers, it may not even be necessary change the pin or the code. Downloading the data has nothing to do with Arduino.

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