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ok. tried your new mirf library, and got exactly the same response.  transmission is fine, when I connect the servo, it oscilates, and the serial monitor freezes.  then the com port claims that another program is using it.  this time though, when I repeatedly clicked on the serial port, the servo started working again.. (it had stopped, I think I had un-plugged it)..

the next thing I will try is connect an ossilloscope to see what signals are actually being sent out.  i'm sure I can find somebody who can show me how to use one..


tried once again with servo about a foot away from the wireless devices.  thought this might solve any interferance problems.  didn't really think it would change anything, and I was right.  other posts have mentioned that the signal wire itself can pick up interferance signals, and that the way to deel with this is to make this wire short.  that didn't work, so i tried long. neither works, so interference must not be my problem.

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