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Hello All,

I am pretty naive to the Arduino. Has some doubts regarding the sketch uploading procedure Via UART pins, tried searching other threads as well but doesn't serve my purpose(my bad). so hoping I will get help regarding this.Thanks in Advance.

I want to upload my sketch(A simple LED blinking) through Due's Rx0,Tx0 UART pins which are connected to another UART Master. I've to take the .hex file of the sketch and dump it to the SAM3x's Flash directly by simply bypassing ATMEGA16U2 controller (which converts USB signals into UART).
Before uploading I'm also Resetting and Erasing the SAM Board as per datasheet.

So apart from this I should do all the tasks which AVR controller(If I'm not wrong) does to make my code work.

Is AVR acting only as a bridge for converting data from USB to UART or Is it performing any other operations as well ?

Is it taking the Intel Hex directly and dumping total hex file to SAM ?? or
Is AVR doing any conversions to the hex file and than dumping it ??   

If so can I get any references ?

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