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An old oscilloscope is not a precision instrument

I use it to see if there is a signal at all and what it looks like.

If you need more precision, use a multimeter and a frequency counter (mine is self-built with Arduino).
I hope you are being sarcastic....
I'm not talking an old heathkit here. The correct response would be "look for a new DSO" not an arduino freq counter. I've accumulated many DVOM units, and each and every one of them has their own idea what 5v is. Only 1 of the units has a calibration sticker on it, and it is the only one to read 5v as 5v. It also wasn't cheap.
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I think my counter is bad though. With no leads hooked up, all it displays is 60.....
That's mains pick-up, I wouldn't worry (unless your mains is 50Hz!!)
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