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it's possible - I'll try with a bigger load, but using the LED load I have is repeatable in that when using it I get 0.7A each time - so its definitely measuring something.
Yes, but 0.7A is a bit inaccurate for a 0.25A load. Displaying 0.0A is actually the MORE accurate reading in this case! You might be operating near lowest reading it can display with a 50A range.

Can you just rig up a voltage divider with a couple of resistors and stick 20 to 30 mV into the current sense terminals (shunt removed from circuit) to see what it reads. Something like 2.2k and 10 ohms from a 5V supply.


Where is the device negative line (black) connected to.  From your photo there only appears to be one wire connected to the negative end of the shunt (green).  If you are connecting the meter negative supply (black) to the shunt input end (yellow) you may have negative feedback cancelling out your signal

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