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I'm working on a home automation system based on ATMEGA328P-AU chip in a custom PCB, it's based/made on Arduino bootloader and the IDE.

I'll like to share my work to inspiration for you, my main focus was the accept from my wife who doesn't want stuff mounted if it's not finished.

My purpose was to make an standard PCB to suit all feature request for my development so I'll made an PCB for the keypad.
That's included 16 PWM leds for status controlled by an PCA9685, an OLED display, an piezo buzzer, an DHT11, BMP280 barometric sensor, an SD Card for logging, an ESP-8266 wifi link or an 433MHz sender and receiver. See the second review attach (rev 1.1)

It's mounted in an plastic box ordered from china, AK-R-48, each cost only a couple of $. Additional some stickers to each purpose, some for the alarm system, some for the light and heat control. Only the imagination is the limit for this standard.

The main unit has an number of inputs and outputs, it's also an custom IO board with 8 PC817 optocoupler inputs or 2 relay output with 6 status LEDs.

The latest revisions is in transit from china is change a little bit, from the shown PCBs, there is attached an Arduino Pro Mini instead of an onboard chip and an ESP-12F for communication.

If you have any ideas I'll can implement I'll be happy.

Best regards


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And the last two photos...


Hello again.

Now I'll have som price information for the project.

There is two options for buying, via my company or from the supplier with the open source gerber files provided later.

Via e.g. Seeedstudio you got 10 print (10*10cm) for 10$ plus delivery costs.
The components e.g. Push buttons, Oled, EC12 encoder, case, sticker and more cost around 50$ for getting all 10 to function.
Additional you need the ESP and Arduino Pro Mini.

Total cost for 10 fully functional devices is around 85$, making it 8.5$ each.

If you only need a couple, then I'll buy a lot and selling them.
Because I'll have to pay danish taxes I'll have to take 20$ each, the device is delivered fully assembled except the ESP and Arduino Pro Mini.

Best regards


It looks like a nice realisation but I have a hard time figuring out its capabilities ?

Also, I find its lack of screen a little disturbing, it has many buttons, a few sensors, some wireless connectivity, some displaying capability would surely be welcome for most applications.
A little screen like this one may be: http://www.ebay.com/itm/391696353613
I've ordered a couple to play with.



Basically it's just an Arduino with a lot of expansion to sensors, my wife just want me to make pretty devices for installation in our house rather that quick and cheap models in dummy boxes… the advantage of this is it can be used for all regular project you could make by Arduinos.

If you look in the first picture in the first post, up in the left corner under the PWR led, there is a connection for an OLED 0.96' screen like this one. The port is called I2C_LCD.

It's connected with I2C, if the user prefers 128X64 there are some mounting holes just under for fastening the display. If it's 128X32 then it's hold by the 4 pin soldered to the main board.

Best regards Christian


Finally, an additional function is added to this project.
It's a input module with 12 pcs 12V input ports protected by a zener diode, a PTC and voltage divided circuit. Additional a relay for output, there are NO and NC for both gnd and 12V.
I'm almost done making all print for a complete home automation system.
Best regards Christian.

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