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Hi everyone

This very morning I was daydreaming in class when I had a weird, but somehow useful idea; make an accordion with an arduino.

Sounds weird, but in my country is really expensive to buy one, and the one I use, isn't mine.

But I am useless at everything I am trying to use; I haven't ever used arduino (but I programmed before), I don't know if I can use 111 I/O buttons (39 for 3 piano octaves, 72 for button basses) and the other switches for power, volume and register. And I don't know if everything will work or if the board can manage accurately that amount of buttons without lag.

For the "hardware" is something really simple; I am planning to disassemble cheap piano toys, retrieve the keys and connect the wires to allow the circuit to be closed (I don't know if is the correct word) whenever a key is pressed.

For the bass side, something similar, using sticks.

Any information is appreciated

Thanks in advance

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