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Hey guys,
I'm so happy to find a forum thread dedicated to India. Hopefully the answers here will be more relevant.

For our project we need to produce thrust using compressed air exiting from a nozzle. We plan to control the thrust from the nozzle by varying the flow rate using a proportional valve, preferably solenoid controlled. The problem is whenever we go looking for such valves, industrial grade, expensive, heavy valves appear on our search results. We need these valves to be light, fast acting, and inexpensive(in the range of INR 1000-2000.) Can anyone here recommend such valves? Or maybe any other type of valves which can accurately control flow(motorized)? Not to forget, it should be controllable by an Arduino.

I'd like to add that I'm from Bengaluru, so S P Road is another option that you guys can give. But I'm not sure if we find such valves there.



Usually industrial grade pneumatic valves are expensive as they have lot of setup attached to it.
Easy way is to use this method and you require these things.
1. Air compressor that can produce that much air pressure according to your need.
2. Dial pressure gauge to monitor pressure in line.
3. Lever to adjust pressure manually by adjusting it's position.
4. electronic solenoid valve that can actuate on command from Arduino.
So whenever solenoid valve gets open it will give air with pressure that you have adjusted through lever.


Thank you for the reply Mohit,
Unfortunately your method is not suitable for us. Our application needs the valve to be operated at real time, by the Arduino. Also, it needs to be lightweight(below 500 g), since the application is very mobile.

4. electronic solenoid valve that can actuate on command from Arduino.
That kind of valve only opens and closes the flow, doesn't it? We need one that can control the flow too. I've seen that valves for medical applications are usually light, and have lower operating pressures, pressures which we need. What are your thoughts?


You can use SMC magnetic valves as they are very small in size don't know the model no. but worked upon it, they are light weight around 200-300 gms but may be costly.
But your application requires auto adjustment of pressure through same valve which can be done only by motorised solenoid valves.
They are not easily available but you can search it on Honeywell website.

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