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I have two servos that are supposed to lift and drop with two attached "arms". I'd like some recommendations for what to use for the arms. The servos can't handle too much load (although they were called "high torque" servos). I'm using a plastic thing that looks like a lego toy - but I've had to duct tape it to the servo arm and that is not a great solution. Any idea for what to use as an arm that will lift a light 8oz weight and drop it? And attach well to the servo? (I hope what I'm asking is clear and this is the right forum for it!)



I work in school in Design and Technology and am working on something quite similar. Granted that you are using plastic gear servos, those are still quite strong, like you wouldn't be able to stop the motion with your fingers alone which is pretty amazing. Anyways, I would say it depends whether you have a workshop. If you have a laser cutter or 3D printer then acrylic could be used.  You could make it out of thin sheets of manufactured boards as those are fairly easy to cut and get ahold of. It also depends on how big your limb has to be, if its small then of course aluminium could work since its ductile, light, and has a bunch of amazing properties. If this is a model then something I see people do which I find great are popsicle sticks. You might think...What. But yes those things work well with PVA glue and such. I would not suggest duct tape as the horns(those platforms on the servo) will easily slip out after more uses plus it looks kind of sloppy. I recommend using a powerdrill to drill through and attaching it to the limb with a same hole drilled, secured by a nail.

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