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Hi I recently bough arduiino Yun shield from geeetech.

I have got it and now I want to migrate my arduino mega/ethernet shield project taking the sensor readings and watering plant to arduino Yun shield mounted on Arduino Leonardo R3.

However since this is my first run shield I do not know where to start,
so far I am able to ssh from my mac to yun shield and landed in root.

Model: Iduino-V1                                                             
Version: Iduino-V1 geeetech-2.0.2
Do I really  need to update the firmware ?
(I am bit scared as I do  not want to mess up things)

So my existing mega project is taking outdoor temperature / humidity/ UV index and indoor temperature / humidity readings and punching it to mysql server running on raspberry pi. I also return json so I can display it live on a web page. however it uses HTTP and since my website was using HTTPS I had to disable https just to get sensor data displayed on my website .

I belive I can overcome this problem as I Yun Shield running OpenWRT I should be able to run HTTPS connection , I would appreciate if someone can show me how to go about it.

And finally I guess it would be best to run mysql server on yun shield itself, on instructables I discovered a guide installing mysql-server along with its dependencies, is it the right way to go ?

I tried Bridge > Console Read example , I am able to upload wirelessly which is great but I do not get it working on serial monitor.
It keeps saying unable to connect , default selected baud rate is 300 and no line ending.
Code: [Select]
Unable to connect: retrying (1)...
Unable to connect: retrying (2)...
Unable to connect: retrying (3)...
Unable to connect: retrying (4)...
Unable to connect: is the sketch using the bridge?

And most important of all, If I install mysql-server and later plugin USB storage to shield will I still be able to use same mysql server from yun shield.Yun shield only has 5MB storage I am thinking if I endup in storage space issue how would I be able to move the db from onboard to USB storage




The code I use is from the website http://www.ibuyopenwrt.com/index.php/datalog-db. This lets you connect to any DB with many methods. the simplified code is all there. I would run my MySQL db on the raspberry pi same with the Website. I have this running at my home as monitoring system. I has been running since last November and the only problems I have had was when my Windows crashed for some reason?? lost a days worth of data. (MySQL is running on a windows system, the webserver is a raspberry pi) The acquisition systems consist of both Arduino YUN shields and Dragino YUN shields, one of the shields is with an Arduino Zero, the other is with an Infoduino a cheap UNO close that can run at 3.3 volts instead of 5 Volts.



Hi, try this:


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