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I did everything you told me to; even combinations of that. And yes, I added the -verbose to that section. It didn't do anything...


Ok. I figured something out. This may help you solve some bugs. If I bring up properties on the run.bat file, and set it in compatibility mode for Windows 95, then it runs correctly! But if I try to set the actual main Arduino executable for compatibility mode for Win 95, it does not start up just as before. Unfortunetely, I can't seem to find a workaround for Processing... :-/


Weird.  I'm glad you got it working.  And thanks for letting us know how - it should come in useful.


Just to clarify, I have to run Arduino by clicking run.bat when it is set to that mode. I don't just set the run.bat file to Win95 compatibility and run the Arduino exec. That doesn't work. Just thought you might want to know that for future development.

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