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Hi, I'm the maker of Lichee Pi Zero.

Lichee Pi Zero is a delicate Cortex-A7 Board in almost SD-size.

It is breadboard-compatible~

and wifi available! (good news, the wifi module is upgraded to WIFI+BT module now!)

It has a low power consume(almost like stm32)

And can connect to LCD directly! (VGA/HDMI/LVDS available too)

That makes it easy to diy a mini "laptop"~

It runs debian:

or even raspbian:

play 3D games:

or many other interfaces just like arduino:

You may know Raspberry Pi Zero, but it is always out of stock...
While Lichee Pi ZeroW provide smaller size, friendly pins, WIFI+BT functions, newest linux-4.10 kernel, and priced at $6(without wifi)/ $8(with wifi).
It is on indiegogo now:  https://igg.me/at/lpi0
here is the video:https://youtu.be/DZtOqQQ893M
more information at: https://hackaday.io/project/20181-lichee-pi-zero
Thank you for watching & support!


Nice.. (and small)..

If someone was to pick one of these up...

Do they need to treat it ANY DIFFERENT from a Raspberry Pi?


* grab latest N.O.O.B.S image
* extract, load on SD card
* put in 'PI'
* boot up...

and all is well?

or what does the end user need to know in respect to any differences between the two or set-up differences?

Exactly the same.....with smaller footprint?


Is this board Arduino sketch/ide compatible?looks far better then an arduino.

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