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Need someone to program the arduino uno to operate with a wireless module.

The wireless module could be either a HC-05 or NRF24L01 or other compatible wireless module.

More info on the modules:




Function: The module should be able to send a 50 ms pulse/reverse pulse to solenoid triggered by momentary switch.  Solenoid: Amperage draw: 500mA at 4.5-vdc.


You want a bluetooth module to send a pulse to a solenoid? Does the solenoid have a bluetooth receiver in it? Or do you want to send a signal from soemthing else to the arduino via bluetooth, and have the arduino operate the solenoid? What's this momentary switch doing, then?

I'm confused!


If you are confused my friend, I'm sure its not because of 'something' you read in the post.

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