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It seems to me that if the code provided met the specification then $50 AUD is a reasonable price. Embedded systems programming is a highly paid profession. Most developers wouldn't even consider doing a job for that price. The process of clarifying the specs for a job can be very time consuming and it's difficult to write code for a system you don't have access to for testing. If there was a problem in the code with onPin vs openPin it might be reasonable to expect that to be resolved but it seems like this may have been a miscommunication in the job spec rather than a bug. As for ongoing support and adding features, I'd say unless that was specified as part of the original contract then it should require additional payment if the developer chose to provide those services.


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I though that the 50$ covered additional help/modification to the code if further adjustments were needed.
This is one of the things you have to be really careful about on both sides. It's one thing if a Time & Materials payment method is agreed to, but for a fixed bid project, it's easy to lose money by doing this.

I have a good repeat client I met on here who generally requests modifications, but it's because English isn't his first language and he can't always explain exactly what he needs. He is very reasonable about what changes he asks for. If changes get to be too many, I request a higher fee.

For a $50 project, I'd be hard pressed to not stop after I deliver what's agreed upon and it's working. I'll certainly help you debug the wiring, but diebog, $50 is cheap. Sometimes that will barely buy a bag of groceries. I try very hard to give people value for their hard earned cash, but my time has value also. In my opinion, if PaulMurrayCbr's code did what you asked for initially, before changes were requested, you got a good deal. That's fairly complex behavior for just $50.

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