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For the record, these days, this page is the second result on google for "difference VCC 5V arduino".  I came here having bought an arduino bundle, the instructions for which don't walk you through the electronics before throwing you in at the deep end with circuitry.

To a beginner who is keen to learn this forum seems rather unwelcoming.

Thank you mckenzm.  I have much to research before I fully answer your question but I now have a lot more to go on than the datasheet provided me.  The datasheet isnt very helpful because I needed to know what these terms mean in practical terms like "this is the pin to which you would connect a battery etc".

Thank you all for your helpful onward leads (no pun itended ;) )


(*) Originally Vcc = "voltage collector collector", Vee = "voltage emitter emitter",
Vss = "voltage source source", Vdd = "voltage drain drain", were used for various TTL and
pMOS and nMOS families.
Eventually as a the great variety of devices slimmed down to just TTL and CMOS 5V, Vcc was
used commonly for all logic (although it makes no sense for CMOS where both rails are FET
sources!).  Vdd is also used.
You made me dizzy there.
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