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Hello everyone,
Just received Arduino Mega 2560 which does not have the following components as shown on the photo. What kind of components are missed and where can I order them. Is it dangerous if I'll just put the jumpers(wires) instead of resistors?


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I could be resistor array 4x22R i the middle and varistors on both sides. USB D+ and D- is disconnected without it.
In the schematics (here on the web), the resistors are RN2A, RN2B, RN2C, RN2D and the varistors Z1, Z2.
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For some reason I can't open your image (not necessarily your fault).

My advise is to send it back.
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Arduino clone with ATmega1284P   http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=277260.0

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