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I have designed a custom PCB using SAM3x8E.
However, I am now unable to upload code.

I am trying to upload the code through FTDI FT232 module. With Rx of FT232 connecting with Rx of SAM3x8E and Tx of FT232 with Tx of SAM3x8E.

The arduino IDE detects the COM port.
However when i upload the code it shows device not found error.

Please help me as I have already invested a lot in making the PCB.



What do you have the "board" set to?  It sounds a bit like it's trying to upload via native USB instead of serial.


So forget Tx & Rx ..

I have been advised to directly program through Native Port.

Hers the catch..My PC doesn't even recognize th edevice when plugged in/

So I cant select any COM Port.

Suggestion , what should i do?


I think you have to install Atmel Drivers to recognize the "native" port; I don't think it appears as a COM port. (at least, not if you're relying on the original ROM'ed bootloader.   After you upload a sketch, the serial port may appear.)


I did try to install SAM BA driver...and also SAM BA CDC .inf file.

but dont know how to use them. as in how to get them installed.
since them I am trying to understand bossa but not understanding its implementation in clear simple steps.

coming to your suggestion, if i dont have  a com port , how do i upload int the first place.



The SAM3X has a built-in bootloader.  I'm not sure what steps you need to take to use it; unlike the Arduino bootloader, vendor bootloaders tend not to run unless you specifically request it.   This may involve the mysterious "erase" button.

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