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Hi Sir,

Can someone help me. I use MicroSD Adapter together with Clock CS3231 on Arduino UNO R3, this work well and all data and file is recorded.

However, when I use the MicroSD Adapter v1.0 11/01/2013 - the  "SD card initialization failed", tried 3 cards with the same program.  When we switch back to the MicroSD adapter (without the version) - everything work fine.

Please assist.




I've been face the same problem.  :smiley-confuse:

Can any one help us?




I also had the same issue when I connect to this kind of adapter with other SPI sensor on Nodemcu.
I am thinking this is the adapter's hardware flaw.

Any suggestions on a good adapter?


Most Catalex MicroSD Adapters will not work with another SPI device.

I don't have a v1.0 11/01/2013  but I checked one marked v1.0 11/15/2013 and it has the hardware bug.

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