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Hi, my name is Juan. I am using an ethernet shield with an arduino one, I can not make it work when I connect it through an 8-port swith, TP-LINK model TL-SF1008D. I wonder if anyone had a similar problem.


Does it not work at all or does it stop to work after some time?

I don't own the same switch but I had a similar problem with a switch with that Green-IT feature. The switch disabled the port after some time if there was no traffic from the Arduino. After that I had to disconnect the Arduino and connect it again to re-enable the port.

If you have another problem, please describe the status you see (LEDs on the switch and the Ethernet Shield). Do you use the original Arduino Ethernet Shield or a cheap clone from China? If it's the later, please post a link to the product page.


Is a Chinese clone, HanRun HR911105A 16/03, I have not managed to find the product page. The switch leds are on, the ethernet shield leds are also on. If I connect it directly to port rj45 the pc works perfectly. The problem is when I connect it through the switch. Could it be a problem with the ethernet shield library, which is not ready to work with a switch?


I researched more thoroughly and I think I have found the problem. HanRun clones apparently do not work with switches because they have incorrect value resistors.


HanRun is the RJ-45 connector on the board. But cheap Chinese boards often don't have any other identification and often are also poorly designed.

Could it be a problem with the ethernet shield library, which is not ready to work with a switch?
No, probably not. If it works with your PC, the software does what it should. It's probably a hardware issue. Get an original Arduino board and it will most likely work with the switch.


@juann1342 I have the same problem...  The TPLink works fine on the remainder of my network, just not with the Arduino (also with a HanRun Ethernet).

Fortunately I was able to try a different switch (a D-Link) and that works fine so it appears to be the TPLink with the HanRun

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