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Hi, I'd like to share my 3-port USB-to-Serial adapter firmware project for STM32 Blue Pill (STM32F103C8T6).


  •  3 independent UART ports;
  •  Hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) support1;
  •  DSR/DTR/DCD signals support;
  • 7 or 8 bit word length;
  • None, even, odd parity;
  • 1, 1.5, and 2 stop bits;
  • Works with CDC Class drives on Linux, OS X, and Windows;
  • Supports all standard baud rates;
  • Supports non-standard baud rates;
  • DMA RX/TX for high-speed communications;
  • IDLE line detection for short response time;
  • Signed INF driver for Windows XP, 7, and 8;
  • Built-in command shell for device parameters configuration;
  • No external dependencies other than CMSIS;

Open-source, MIT license, source code and binary releases are available at [color=var(--newCommunityTheme-linkText)]https://github.com/r2axz/bluepill-serial-monster[/color]

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