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Topic: Putty: "Network Error: Connection Refused" on the Arduino Uno Wifi on windows (Read 539 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi All,

I have some small coding on the UNO R3, now I want to do the same in the Uno Wifi, which tells me to install Ciao Core and can write some python code on it to trigger a HTTP post to an app. Now I have the python ready and ino code ready but SSH connection is not enabling me.

The problem is even though I put the same IP to which my arduino is connected to & all the serial port values are matching from the device manager, the putty is just refusing the SSH connection.

Not sure on how to troubleshoot that.

If you could help that would be great.

update: Ping to and the telnet does connect properly not sure on why the putty is responding weird!



I have the exact same board and problem. We're you able to fix it?

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