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Hello, I am new to Arduino (although experienced with electronics and coding) and am having trouble choosing the right board for my project.

I know I will need wifi capability and the full-size form factor (to accept one additional shield I know I will need).  I keep finding boards on Arduino.cc that have been "Retired" or are "Sold Out."  (This includes the Uno Wifi, Yun and Tian.)  Plus, Arduino seems relaxed about keeping their website up-to-date (and fixing "page not found" problems).  Pleaseā€¦ can anybody refer me to an *active* Arduino board that includes wifi AND accepts standard size shields?  (I see mention of a "wifi shield" on the forum but I can't find it on Arduino's Product Page.  Besides, I'd prefer not to have to stack TWO shields in my project.)  Thank you very much!

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