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*** Why can't this be used for Speech Recognition ?
Because speech recognition is not easy.

I have tried the uSpeech code for the Arduino, which seems somewhat accurate (maybe 65%-80%).
I doubt it is even that good but even if it is then that is rubbish as regards usability.

say reading mixed frequencies (a Vowel normally is a mix of 3 frequencies).
Recognising is not a simple matter of recognising frequencies. The mix of frequencies constantly changes over the duration of the word, you have to track these changes and match them to a template. This requires lots of memory for the many FFTs you have to take and then lots of memory for the templates to correlate with the input. Also in order not to miss anything you should sample the whole word and then brake it up into small chunks to do the FFTs on.


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Sorry to kick this up, but I was doing some research in voice recognition on Arduino like platforms.

Since Paul seemed especially interested I thought I would chime in with something new I came across.

There is a keyword spotting library/demo released for ARM boards (like Due and Teensy).

There is an example for the Freedom K64 from NXP, but I think this might run on a Teensy 3.5 as well (since it also seems to be based on the K64) (in the Deployment folder).

I'm not 100% sure if I will take this road (it merely a concept idea, not a concrete project I'm working on), but I thought at least to share this in this topic.


Commands supported by this build:
_silence_, _unknown_, yes, no, up, down, left, right, on, off, stop, go


I can't help but notice that those examples are all in Python. The Arduino world uses C/C++.


Like I said, the 'K64' code is in the Deployment folder. The Python is to train the model (Python is the most used language in Machine Learning).

Here the direct link to the C/C++ code example:


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I have made speech recognition service for my projects.
You can try it on: https://arduino.php5.sk/PHP_en/
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