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I am using the Capacitivesensor.h library for a water level sensor.   It works. 
So when water touches the homemade probe.  A realy is activated. 

One issue is during testing I noticed that if the containor was full (relay ON) and the power was turned off

On start up the capacitance is read at a low level .  For instance if the realy was on and there was a power shortage.  when the program would go back on the relay should be on but it wasnt. 

It acted like the the water was not touching the probe. 

If I lower the level then raise it back to touching the it reacts like normal.

I am thinking I need somesort of programed on off to trigger it like I am doing manually.  Doees this make sence ??



Doees this make sence ??
No. Your post is full of misspelled words.

And, it is empty of code. We can't help you with your program without seeing the program AND knowing something more about the "capasitive Senor" that you are using.

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