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I am new to Arduino. I want to know how to connect a DC motor to arduino. I want to use BC 557 to amplify the voltage and give it to the motor, along with a mechanism to prevent reverse feedback current to arduino. Thanks a lot!!!


Why that transistor ? What is the specification of the motor you're intending to use ?

A low current PNP transistor is not the usual choice for driving DC motors.



Motor control is done with PWM, not by analog voltage amplification(*).  The BC557 can only handle 0.1A, which is
not enough for most motors, even small ones.

By protection from reverse feedback current do you mean a dump resistor and chopper as used in
4-quadrant control?

Are you wanting to control a DC motor spinning only one-way?  Or both ways?
Have you considered a motor shield?
What max current does your motor take?
What motor is it?

(*) Well, usually.  Voice-coil motors are sometimes driven analog, but its inefficient.
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