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Hey All,

I was wondering if I could get your help to understand how to program and connect an Xbox One Controller to an Arduino board. I have looked around for a while now and have found many ways to connect an Xbox 360 controller but have found very little on the Xbox One controller. Are the basics of the connection the same? If so what parts/components would I need to use to connect the controller and Arduino board?

Also if you have any other knowledge I could utilise to further my RC 4x4 vehicle. Some of the components I'd like to incorporate are:

  • Individually Code 4 DC motors I have in each wheel
  • Put traction control into the coding of the Arduino
  • And use Mecanum wheels

Would you be able to help with any of these? If so I'd like to have your assistance please in both what I would need to put into my code and the parts I'd need to accomplish this.

PS. I am a beginner and may need some clarification on some of the more technical side of the language in the coding if you can please.

Thanks  :)


First off, I would just say it might be easier to use a bluetooth module (an HM-10 costs about 5 bucks online and is super easy to use just get it from a reliable source there are fakes out there) and a serial program on your phone in order to control it (that's what I'm doing with my bot and it works very nicely).

Secondly using mecanum you're gonna need some H bridges (Motor controllers) and then use PWM signals to control them, this will give you the variable direction but also the variable speed you would want.

Third, Traction control would require encoders and honestly it's pretty expensive to have them, it would be easier to just ignore that if you're a beginner.

I am not sure that I understand the statement about 4 DC motors in each wheel, does that mean you have 4 total or 16 total?

I hope this helps


Hello again, I hope this reply works (I've been having trouble with this site on my laptop, in that it wouldn't let me respond).

Yes I will give the Bluetooth module a go, are there specific brands that are known to be better with the HM 10 module? I was wary at first with using a phone connection point though as in the rules and regulations for the competition I am in says that the vehicle needs to be controlled by a digital speed controller, thus why I thought of a controller of some sort (at the Australian National Finals just gone my team used a standard Spektrum remote controller).

On the controllers, what would be the benefit/benefits of Bluetooth on a phone compared to something like a PS 4 controller or Xbox 360 (I have recently discovered through more research that Xbox One controller do not have a compatibility with Arduino as of yet)?

With the Mecanum wheels, the technical rules and regulations for the vehicles have been released and they have got rules in place so that the mecanum wheels are no longer an option legally.

And with the traction control, we have encoders on the motors that we've bought (https://www.pololu.com/product/3468) and I would definitely like to learn how to encode them for traction control if I could.

And sorry for the mix up with the 4 in each wheel, I meant 4 total with one in each wheel.

Thank you for your help!

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