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I don't know what could be causing this, so I'm posting to see if anyone has ideas or has seen this happen before.

When I use any ctrl-key hotkey combo (ctrl-s, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, ctrl-z, etc), the keypress is interpreted correctly (i.e. ctrl-s saves), but then an 's' is inserted at the cursor position.

For saving, this is only an annoyance.  When undoing, the last step is undone, and then z is inserted, which counts as a new step, thus stopping the undo process from going any further (undoing again will just undo the previous z and insert another z).  Copying and pasting is equally problematic.

This started happening for no obvious reason in 0007, and also happens in 0009.  I've tried erasing my preferences, but no help.

Machine info:
Ubuntu 7.04
Sun Java 6


Hmmm....   what happens if you run Arduino 0009 under Java 1.4?  


Rolling back to Java 1.5 (5?) seems to have fixed the issue.  I have no idea why, though.

As a side note, I'm pretty confused by Sun's version scheme!

Thanks for the suggestion.

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