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To give some background, I'm planning on using an Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V 8MHz) to log sensor data for a couple months. It will be in sleep mode most of the time. I will have it log data for 15 minutes every hour and the data will be sampled at a rate of 300 Hz. I will have 20 bytes per sample, so that will be almost 6 MB for each 15 minute period. I will likely use a 16GB MicroSD card.

Based on what I have read, it seems like MicroSD cards are power hungry, so I will have the card in lower power mode when data isn't recorded. Does this make sense / is this easily doable?

Additionally, I read that current draw gets high when writing to the MicroSD card. What kind of MicroSD card should I use for my application to keep power consumption minimal? Is there a 16GB MicroSD card out there that is known to not be a power hog?

Thanks in advance!

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